Reconnect with your colleagues and expand your network through a unique concept that has already attracted over 200 companies, from small SMEs to large international groups!


💪 Play a minimum of 4 matches on an entire Saturday
🍻 Enjoy coffee, lunch, and a drink during the trophy ceremony
🎁 Win (very) numerous prizes and a super Welcome Pack
🏆 Qualify and win your invitation to the PBL Masters from March 15th to 17th, 2024 (in Toulouse, France)
🤝 Join a network of 200 companies


  • Saturday, January 13th


  • Rookies: beginner/beginner+ levels (2/3/4)
    Outsiders: intermediate/advanced levels (5/6/7)


Sport4Lux is a Luxembourgish sports complex located in Munsbach, offering 5000m2 of activities. A unique place in Luxembourg that offers different sports, a specialized shop, meeting rooms and a panoramic sports bar of 300m². The complex enjoys an ideal location in Munsbach with a big free parking.

The center offers superb facilities and now has a total of 6 padel pists with very high ceiling height! Changing rooms and a sportsbar with views of the first 4 padel courts complete the Sport4Lux offer.


Price : 350€excl. tax / team of 2 players + 50€excl. tax / additional player (teams of 2 to 4 players)

Each company can register up to 3 teams.

Contact us to benefit from our new pricing policy:

  • 10% discount for companies participating in the Padel Business League #2
  • 10% discount on a 2nd team registered by the same company
  • Sponsorship program (valid only for new sponsored businesses)
    • 1 game session offered for the sponsoring company
    • 10% discount for the new registered team


Event Details

There are 2 possible scenarios to register a team in the Padel Business League:

1st scenario: all players of the team must be part of the same organization (company, association, public service). In this case, each registered player will have to justify his or her membership in the organisation by presenting a proof of his or her choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary statement or business card.
2nd case of figure: all the players of the team are workers of the same trade (and not necessarily of the same company). In this case, the players can be employees or self-employed.
All players of a team must respect one of these two conditions, it is not possible to make a mix of these two conditions to make a team (example: 2 players of the same company + 2 confreres who are not part of the company)

As a reminder, you will have to justify the membership of each player in the company by presenting a proof of your choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary statement or business card. In the case of self contractors or liberal professions, invoices will also be accepted.

The organization reserves the right to disqualify a team without notice and without refund any team not complying with this settlement point.

Minimum age

The minimum age for the championship is 16.

FFT License

It is not necessary to have a FFT classification to participate in the qualifying phase of the competition.
However all players qualified for the final phase of MASTERS must have a FFT license if they wish to play during this final phase (possible to take it on site).

Distribution of levels

The championship will be divided according to the club into several categories of level: ROOKIES and OUTSIDERS.

Once registration is complete, the ORGANIZER with the help of the PARTNER CLUB will form groups according to the level of the teams. These groups will be formed in a first place according to the FFT ranking of the participants of each team, but also according to the knowledge of the club on the level of each participant.

In the absence of a FFT ranking of the players, the ORGANISER will be free to equate their level to an FFT ranking, and thus to register the companies in the category he considers most appropriate. He will have the responsibility to form these hens in all objectivity, with the sole aim of ensuring the best possible development of the competition.

The ORGANIZER and the CLUB will be able to use as a reference point the level scale from 1 to 10 used by the vast majority of clubs in France:

The ROOKIES category will bring together players from level 1 to 4 on average
The OUTSIDERS category will bring together players from level 5 to 8 on average
Teams may integrate players who are stronger than the average in the category in which they play, but they will have to respect the team weight constraints below for each match.

Team weight compliance by category

At each meeting, companies must compose their teams according to the following FFT classification constraints:

For the ROOKIES category
Individual maximum ranking: #5000 for men and #250 for women
Minimum weight for 100% men: 10,000 or more
Minimum weight for a mixed pair: 5,250 or more
For the OUTSIDERS category: no classification constraints
As a reminder: the team weight is the result of the addition of the individual rankings of both players.


All matches will be played in the club where you register, during one dedicated day.

Format 1 Saturday :

After the registration, the teams will be grouped into level groups with 4 or 5 teams.
Each team meets for a minimum of 4 matchs
The winners of each group will automatically be qualified for the PBL Masters in their category.
A meeting between two teams gives rise to a single match in the format of 2 winning sets in 6 games with advantages, super tie break in case of 3rd set. The teams will be able to send different pairs to each match in order to involve as many collaborators as possible!
It is possible to change one of the two players of the team at each end of the set, provided that he is registered in the competition. There will be no warm-up after this change.

The results are recorded according to the following scale:

Win: 3 points
Loss: 1 point
WO: 0 pts

The ranking will be updated on our dedicated page: Calendar & Results

In case of a tie of points between two teams, the final ranking will be determined according to the direct confrontation or 2 confrontations between these teams. In the event that both teams have won a victory each, the winner will be decided by the number of sets won and then by the number of games (always based on direct confrontations).

Cancellation and postponement of meetings:

The PARTNER CLUB and the ORGANIZER may decide to postpone the day of matches if the weather forecast is bad and if the club cannot provide access to covered fields. The team will be notified at least 48 hours before and a new date will be decided.
In case of cancellation by a company, the captain must inform the ORGANISER at least 72h in advance to try to postpone his scheduled matches. Once the notice period is exceeded or in case of company No-show: the company in error will have to reschedule the matches with the opposing teams, who will be at its expense. The organisation will not be responsible for any postponement of the match following a cancellation without delay. If this match cannot be rescheduled due to organizational constraints, the offending company will be forfeited for the day.


By participating in the Padel Business League, each team has the opportunity to qualify for the PBL MASTERS which will take place from 15 to 17 March 2024 in Toulouse (dates to be confirmed).

The PBL Masters will be certified by the FFT:

P100 for the Rookies Category
P250 for the Outsiders Category
Only players who have participated in the quality stages can play the PBL Masters.

For the winners of each stage:

The organisation shall cover hotel and catering costs for players who have participated in the previous phases on the following basis:
Teams of 2 players will be hosted in a double room
3-player teams will be housed in a triple room
Teams of 4 players will be hosted in 2 double rooms
Teams of 5 players will be hosted in 1 double and 1 triple room
Teams of 6 players will be hosted in 2 triple rooms or 3 double rooms

Qualified guests can apply for a single room at a surcharge.
A commitment fee of €35 including tax/ person will be charged for all qualified players wishing to participate. Payment of this amount will be made either in advance via an invoice sent by the ORGANISER or on site.


The 2nd of each stage will have the possibility to be drafted to participate in the PBL Masters by paying an additional registration (amount to be defined). Accommodation costs are not included, but preferential rates will be offered to teams drafted.
If the 2nd don’t want to participate, the 3rd can take this opportunity and so on.
The transport costs of the teams are not covered by the ORGANISER.

In order to take part in the Masters' certified events, players from qualified companies must hold a sports license awarded by the French Tennis Federation. This license is personal and nominative and can be subscribed and paid directly on site or directly on the FFT website at the following address: As a guide, the PADEL licence fee is €20/adult, and the cost is not covered by the organisation.


The ORGANIZER declines all responsibility in case of injury or accident occurring on or outside the Padel field within the framework of the organization of the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE.

FRENCH TENNIS FEDERATION licensees benefit from:

Third-party liability coverage, which is intended to repair damage caused to third parties – in the course of the activities covered – by an insured, following an event for which he is directly or indirectly responsible, in accordance with the Civil Code.
Individual accident insurance, a contract covering personal injury (injury, disability, death, etc.) suffered by the insured.
In all cases, any claims that may arise within the framework of the organization of the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE within the premises of the PARTNER CLUB – on or outside the padel field- will be managed directly by the PARTNER CLUB, which will involve, where applicable, his professional insurance.

Make up your team of 2 to 4 players and take your employees to the biggest inter-company padel championship!

The competition is mixed and open to all levels, even beginners.
At the end of the registration, your club will determine the category in which you will play: the Rookies or the Outsiders!

You will be assigned to a group of 5 teams of the same category and you will start the matchs in your local club!

Program of the day (minimum 4 matches to play per team):
8:30am: home coffee
9am-12pm: first matches
12pm-2pm: lunch at the club
2pm-5pm: next group matches

After the day of matches, the group winner will receive the trophy a players will be invited for a drink at the bar to end the day in Luxembourg.

Event Details