Composition of the teams

To register for the championship, each participating company will have to create one to two teams made up of 2 to 6 people per team. Mixed and 100% female teams are allowed in the competition. A company may enter a maximum of 3 teams per stage in the competition, with a maximum of 1 team per group.

Team registration and payment are made exclusively online, on our website https://padelbusinessleague.com/

Each company will appoint a team captain, who will be the referent for the relationship with the PARTNER CLUB, and will also be responsible for sending 2 players to each meeting.

The deadline for composing the teams and finalizing registration for the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE is 30/06//2022.

Admission of teams

Admissions are on a first come first served basis.



Business eligibility

Participating organizations must have:

  • A SIRET number for companies
  • An RNA number for associations

This identifier must be provided by the organization at the time of online registration.

There are 2 possible scenarios for registering a team for the Padel Business League:

  • 1st scenario: all the players on the team must be part of the same organization (company, association, public service). In this case, each registered player will have to justify his affiliation to the organization by presenting a proof of choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary check or professional card.
  • 2nd scenario: all the players on the team are colleagues from the same profession (and not necessarily from the same company). In this case, players may be employed or self-employed.Each registered player will have to justify the exercise of his profession via a proof of choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary check or professional card.

All the players of a team must respect one of these two conditions, it is not possible to mix these two conditions to make a team (example: 2 players from the same company + 2 colleagues who are not part of the company)

L’ensemble des joueurs d’une équipe doivent respecter l’une de ces deux conditions, il n’est pas possible de faire un mix de ces deux conditions pour faire une équipe (exemple: 2 joueurs d’une même entreprise + 2 confrères qui ne font pas partie de l’entreprise)


As a reminder, you will have to justify the membership of each player in the company by presenting a proof of your choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary check or professional card. In the case of auto entrepreneurs or liberal professions, invoices will also be accepted. The organization reserves the right to disqualify a team without notice and without refund any team not respecting this point of regulation.

Minimum age

The minimum age to participate in the championship is 16 years old.

FFT licence

It is not necessary to have an FFT ranking to participate in the qualifying phase of the competition. However, all players qualified for the final phase of MASTERS must have an FFT license if they wish to play during this final phase.

Distribution of levels

The championship will be divided according to the club into several level categories: OUTSIDERS, CHAMPS and ROOKIES.

Once registration is complete, the ORGANIZER with the help of the PARTNER CLUB will form the groups according to the level of the teams. These groups will be formed in the first place according to the FFT ranking of the participants of each team, but also according to the club’s knowledge of the level of the participants.

In the absence of an FFT ranking of the participants, the ORGANIZER will be free to assimilate their level to an FFT ranking, and thus to register the companies in the category that it deems most appropriate. He will be responsible for constituting these group with complete objectivity, with the sole aim of ensuring the best possible running of the competition.

The ORGANIZER and the PARTNER CLUB may use as a point of reference the scale of levels from 1 to 10 used by the vast majority of clubs in France:

  • The ROOKIES category will bring together level 1 to 4 players on average
  • The OUTSIDERS category will bring together level 5 to 6 players on average
  • The CHAMPS category will bring together players of level 7 and + on average

Teams can integrate players stronger than the average of the category in which it evolves, but it will have to respect the constraints of team weight below for each meeting.

Respect of team weights according to the category

At each meeting, companies will have to compose their teams according to the following FFT ranking constraints:

  • For the ROOKIES category
    • Maximum individual ranking : n°1000 for men and n°250 for women
    • Minimum weight for a 100% men’s pair : 5000 or more
    • Minimum weight for a mixed pair : 3000 or more
  • For the OUTSIDERS category
    • Maximum individual ranking : n°200 for men
    • Minimum weight for a 100% men’s pair : 2000 or more
    • Minimum weight for a mixed pair : 500 or more
  • For the CHAMPS category : no ranking constraint

As a reminder: the team weight is the result of the addition of the individual rankings of the two players.



The championship takes place in 2 stages, the qualifying stages then the final national stages of MASTERS.

The qualifying phases:

The QUALIFYING PHASES take place according to the clubs on different formats: on a FULL WEEKEND, on TWO SATURDAYS or even on a WEEK format with matches scheduled in the evening of each week for 10 weeks.

The qualifying phases are organized in the form of level groups, with a group of 5 companies depending on the category. Depending on the progress of registrations, the clubs will also be able to make groups of 4 or 6 teams, with a minimum of 4 teams for the championship to take place.

In weekly format and 2 x Saturdays, each company will face the other companies in its group twice (round trip format) for a total of 8 meetings per company for the group of 5 teams

Special cases (week format / 2 x Saturdays) :

  • Groups of 4 teams, the championship will take place in a return/go format and each company will therefore play 3 times each other company in the group
  • Groups of 6 teams: round trip format with 10 meetings per company
  • Groups of 7 teams: One-way format followed by Playoffs. The ranking at the end of all the first leg matches makes it possible to draw up the tables of the Playoffs which will be played in stride:
    • The first 4 teams replay in a final table starting with the semi-finals. The match for 3rd and 4th places will also be played.
    • The last 3 teams also replay.

In full WE format, each company will face the other teams in its group once during the day on Saturday. Sunday will be for the final table and the consolation, according to the ranking of the group established the day before.

The matches will be played best of 3 sets with NO AD and super tie break in 10 points in the 3rd set UNLESS and only if the 4 players agree to play a classic 3rd set. If a team does not agree or the players do not have time for a classic 3rd set, then the 3rd set will be played in a 10-point super tie break format. The results are counted according to the following scale:

  • Victory : 3 points
  • Defeat : 1 point
  • WO : 0 point

In each PARTNER CLUB, the winning company in each category qualifies to participate in the final phase of the MASTERS.

Organisation of the matches

THE ORGANIZER, when the matches are played in WEEK format, sets up a weekly schedule of matches according to the time slots given by the PARTNER CLUB. For matches played in clubs in weekend format or 2 x Saturdays, you will be called to a particular schedule allowing you to play all the matches scheduled for the day.

The company must have a minimum of 2 players available for each match on the days that have been previously defined in each PARTNER CLUB. In WEEK format, the team captain undertakes to check his match schedule on a weekly basis and to inform the players of his team in the event of a change in the schedule.

The team captain must also inform the PARTNER CLUB or the ORGANIZER of the final score of each match.

Cancellations and postponements of meetings

  • In the event of cancellation by the PARTNER CLUB for bad weather: the PARTNER CLUB must notify the captains concerned within 2 hours before the start of the meeting
  • During the match days scheduled in WE format and 2 x Saturdays, the PARTNER CLUB and the ORGANIZER may decide to postpone the match day if the weather forecast is bad and if the club cannot provide access to covered pitches. The team will be notified at least 48 hours before and a new date will be decided.
  • In the event of cancellation by one of the two companies: the captain concerned must submit a request for postponement to the referring PARTNER CLUB within 48 hours before the start of the match, and inform the ORGANIZER of the new match date once the report validated by the other team and the PARTNER CLUB.
Once the notice period has passed or in the event of a No-show by the company: the company at fault must reschedule a time slot with the opposing team, which will be at its expense. The organization will not be responsible for any postponement of a match following a late cancellation. If it is not possible to reschedule this match for organizational constraints, the company at fault will be declared forfeited.


Digital support of the competition:

Important information, schedules and results of the competition will be available online on the website https://padelbusinessleague.com/, in the CALENDAR AND RESULTS section.

The site will be updated regularly by the referents of the partner clubs and THE ORGANIZER.



By participating in the Padel Business League, each team has the opportunity to qualify for the MASTERS which will take place on the weekend of March 11th and 12th, 2022 in Lyon (place and date subject to change).

The service offered for this event includes :

  • The reception at the club that will be chosen to host the event
  • The organization of group matches on Saturday from 12 p.m. and finals (or consolation) on Sunday
  • Coverage of hotel and catering costs for 4 players (Saturday evening night with a maximum of 2 double rooms per team + meals on Saturday evening and Sunday lunch)
  • Photo / video coverage communicated to companies following the weekend
  • Many other gifts and entertainment on site

Not included in this service :

  • the transport costs of each qualified team, which must travel to Lyon by its own means.
  • The commitment fee of €30 including tax/person will be requested for all players qualified for the Masters and wishing to participate. Payment will be made on site.
  • The FFT license (compulsory to participate in the Masters)

They will bring together the winners of all the qualifying stages, in the different categories, who will compete in tournaments approved by the French Tennis Federation.

The MASTERS will be organized by pools followed by a final table and a consoling table.

To participate in approved events, players from companies qualified to participate in the MASTERS weekend must hold a sports license issued by the French Tennis Federation. This license is personal and nominative and must be taken out and paid for directly with the PARTNER CLUB or directly on the FFT website at the following URL address: www.fft.fr. As an indication, the price of this license is 30 € / per adult, and its cost is not covered by the organization.



Depending on the format of the championship, the PARTNER CLUB will organize one or two networking evenings during the competition:

  • In WEEK format, an opening party will be organized in each PARTNER CLUB one evening of the week before the start of the matches on a Thursday from 6 p.m. (depending on the sanitary situation at this time) allowing the teams to meet before starting the match. competition. The official announcement of the results of the QUALIFYING PHASE will take place during the closing NETWORKING EVENING of the first phase of the championship, also on a Thursday after the end of the matches.
  • In the clubs which will organize the matches on two different SATURDAYS, each networking evening (Opening and Closing) will take place at the end of the match day around 7:30 p.m. on both Saturdays. The award ceremony will take place during the closing evening.
  • In full WE format, the opening night will take place on the Saturday after the group matches. A prize giving during an aperitif will take place on Sunday noon after the end of the final / consoling table which will be held during this second day.
  • All registered companies will benefit from an invitation to these private events and/or for each participant that has joined the competition. During these evenings / aperitifs, the PARTNER CLUBS will provide guests with drinks and aperitifs.

These evenings and events are an opportunity to share a privileged moment with employees but also to create links with members of other companies participating in the adventure.



The cost of registration for the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE can be found on the website https://padelbusinessleague.com/

Each team must consist of a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players.

The price includes:

  • The organization and rental of pitches for the 6 (in WE format) or 8 qualifying phase meetings
  • Invitation to opening and closing events for all team members, including a cocktail reception and prize giving
  • Welcome Pack and prizes to be won for the teams
  • Access to the results and information of the competition online on the website https://padelbusinessleague.com/ in the CALENDAR AND RESULTS section.
  • Access to the Padel Business Club network for each member of the team
  • The possibility of qualifying for the MASTERS which will take place on the weekend of March 11th and 12th, 2022. (Accommodation & catering covered for 4 people per company, transport costs borne by the participating company, costs of €30 including tax requested per participant) ​

The registration fee is to be paid directly to THE ORGANIZER. At the end of the registration process, the company will have 3 solutions to make the payment:

  • By credit card, directly online at the end of the registration tunnel
  • By bank transfer to the following RIB:
    • IBAN : FR76 1679 8000 0100 0032 8261 895
  • By check, by sending a check to the following address: Padel Connection, 9 Rue Camille Saint-Saëns, 13700 Marignane

Team registration will not be confirmed until full payment has been made.



The ORGANIZER declines all responsibility in the event of injury or accident occurring on or outside the padel court as part of the organization of the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE.

Licensees of the FRENCH TENNIS FEDERATION benefit from :

  • The civil liability guarantee which aims to repair the damage caused to third parties – within the framework of the guaranteed activities – by an insured, following an event for which he is directly or indirectly responsible, in application of the Civil Code.
  • Personal accident insurance, a contract that covers bodily injury (injury, disability, death, etc.) suffered by the insured.

In any case, any claims that may arise within the framework of the organization of the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE within the confines of the PARTNER CLUB – on or outside the padel court – will be managed directly by the PARTNER CLUB which will involve , if applicable, his professional insurance.



In case of impossibility to organize the matches and to implement all or part of the proposed program following the implementation of government restrictions within the framework of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, THE ORGANIZER and THE CLUB PARTNER undertake to reschedule the events concerned as soon as possible.

No reimbursement can be demanded from companies participating in the PADEL BUSINESS LEAGUE.

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