Sport4Lux Padel Business League event presented by Proman

Sport4Lux is a superb complex located in Munsbach, Luxembourg, which opened exactly one year ago ! It has a total of 4 indoor padel courts with cameras. The club is the biggest in Luxembourg with other activities like futsal and simulation.

Many events are organized in this complex throughout the season in an ideal setting with a quality sports bar ! It’s the ideal club to welcome employees from companies in the sector.

Start of the competition: Saturday 14th January

The registration package includes :

  • 6 to 8 matches to be played over 2 Saturdays, (January 14th – February 4th) against other companies in your category
  • 2 Cocktail Social evenings to have fun & take advantage of new business opportunities (each Saturday after the matches)
  • Welcome pack and lots of prizes to be won !
  • Access to the 1st network of companies around padel: the Padel Business Club
  • Invitation to the Masters for qualified teams on the weekend of March 11 & 12, 2023 in Lyon

Teams of 2 to 6 players.

Registration fees : Starting at 449€ for a team of 2 players. Extra charge of 50€ per additional player (maximum 6 players in the team)

The Padel Business league brings together companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity, in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The competition is mixed and accessible to players of all levels.

Register a team of 2 to 6 players by completing this reservation form. If you want to register 2 teams, please do the registration process twice. Note that your list of players is not necessarily final: you can add others up to 48 hours before the 1st match!

Are you afraid of not being at the level? Don't worry, after registration, your team will be assigned to one of 3 categories: ROOKIES (beginners), OUTSIDERS (intermediates), or CHAMPS (competitors).

Format and course of the competition:

  • At the end of the registrations, the teams will be grouped in level groups with 5 teams.
  • Each team meets in a group stage on the first day on Saturday January 14th for the first leg, players will meet again on Saturday February 4th for the second time . All matches will be played at the club where you register.
  • A meeting between two teams gives rise to a single match (format 2 winning sets with advantages, super tie break in the event of a 3rd set). Teams will be able to send different pairs to each match in order to involve as many collaborators as possible!
  • The winning team of its group qualifies for the final phase which brings together all the best teams in each category: les PBL Masters, which will take place on March 2023 in Lyon (place and dates subject to change). The organization covers the hotel and catering costs for 4 people (Saturday night included with a maximum of 2 double rooms per team), a commitment fee of €35 including tax / person will be requested for all qualified players and want to participate. Payment will be made on site.

Evenings and entertainment program : an evening will take place around a convivial aperitif on Saturday evening after the first day of matches! The opportunity to debrief after the first matches and to plan for the rest of the competition. Another evening cocktail will be organized on the last Saturday with a price ceremony !

Eligibility Rules:

There are 2 possible scenarios for registering a team for the Padel Business League:

  • 1st scenario: all players on the team must be part of the same organization (company, association, public service). In this case, each registered player will have to justify his affiliation to the organization by presenting a proof of your choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary check or professional card.
  • 2nd scenario: all the players on the team are colleagues from the same profession (and not necessarily from the same company). In this case, players may be employed or self-employed.

Each registered player will have to justify the exercise of his profession by a proof of choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary slip or professional card..

All the players of a team must respect one of these two conditions, it is not possible to mix these two conditions to make a team (example: 2 players from the same company + 2 colleagues who are not part of the company)

As a reminder, you will have to justify the membership of each player in the company by presenting a proof of your choice: KBIS, employment contract, salary check or professional card. In the case of auto entrepreneurs or liberal professions, invoices will also be accepted. The organization have the right to disqualify any team not respecting this point of regulation, without notice and without refund.

Form your team of 2 to 6 employees and sign up online !
The competition is mixed and open to all levels, even beginners.

At the end of the registrations, your club will determine the category in which you will evolve: the Rookies or Outsiders.

The group stage will take place on Saturday January 14th from 2 to 7 p.m., you will meet the 3 or 4 other teams in your group. (minimum of 3 matches guaranteed)

After the end of the group matches, you will meet around a convivial dinner party to debrief and discuss this first day.
The ideal opportunity to share between the collaborators of your team and all the other participants!

The 2nd group stage will take place on Saturday February 4th from 2 to 7 p.m., you will meet the 3 or 4 other teams in your group in the same format than the first Saturday (minimum of 3 matches guaranteed)
For the winning team, a place in the Masters is at stake!

Prize-giving around a dinner party, to congratulate the winners and all the participants!

Event Details